All Bento include 3pcs Salmon roll, 3 pcs Tuna roll, 4 pcs California roll, 4 pcs crunch roll.

Lunch Bento Box

Lunch Sashimi Bento


Lunch Bento Box

Lunch Sushi Bento


4 pcs sushi

Lunch Bento Box

Lunch Yaki Nikku Bento


Marinated beef


4pcs shrimp tempura, 3pcs vegetable tempura. No crunch rolls

Lunch Bento Box

Lunch Tonkatsu Bento


Deep fried pork cutlet, 3pic Japanese Spring roll. No crunch rolls

* Some food items are raw or partially cooked and can increase your risk of illness. Consumers who are vulnerable to food borne illness should only consume thoroughly cooked food.*

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